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It is the World Cup 2014 and DreamQuest Software has you covered with a great choice of tiles, layout and backgrounds in our Mahjongg game. Mahjongg is spelled several ways, but no matter how you spell it, it is challenging! DreamQuest allows you to choose  to choose (1) Tile Set  (2) Layout and  (3) background. […]

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OculusVR Demo was a hit! DreamQuest Games and DreamQuest Videogame Design Camps had a blast at Denver Comic Con this past weekend. Our OculusVR demo was a huge hit with all ages, and we even got a visit from Halo’s Master Chief who had a turn playing. Videogame Design Summer Camps Our Videogame Design Camps […]

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Come see us at Denver Comic Con! DreamQuest Games and DreamQuest Videogame Design Camp are at Denver Comic Con this weekend! We will be set up in The Hall of Games (room 709-711), and we will be demoing our OculusVR kit (virtual reality). Our camp, DreamQuest Videogame Design Camp, is the only camp in the […]

Pie in the face, where did it start? The idea of throwing a pie in someone face — custard or just whipped cream — had its origins in gags of early slapstick comedy films starting in 1909 We have a century of throwing pies at each other in frustration. Can you do that in a […]