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Mahjong Tip 3

Mahjong Solitaire Tips and Strategies

  Do you want some ideas to help make your Mahjong Solitaire game play even more exciting? Take some time to browse the following tips, tricks and techniques to improve your playing style. Do you have your own copy of Championship Mahjong Solitaire? Try a free trial of this popular game title, available for Windows. […]

Solitaire Tips and Strategies

¬†Are you a Solitaire players looking to spiff up your game? Download your copy of the new Championship Solitaire Challenge! Our interactive tutorial will show you the ropes to popular variations. Challenge 24 fun and realistic computer players. Ask your in-game DreamCoach(TM) for a hint if you get stuck! Play Championship Solitaire Now Championship Solitaire […]

FREE Championship Hearts App for iPad and iPhone!

  Do you have an iPhone or iPad handy? Most people do, these days. So, in keeping with modern times and technology, we’ve created a free version of our popular Championship Hearts game for iPad and iPhone. Now, you can play Championship Hearts on the go! Next time you have some time to chill, just […]