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Guide Release Celebration Giveaway!

Get a Free Copy of Ace’s DIY Guide to Toilet Repair or Ace’s Poker Guide Today! To celebrate the release of Ace’s DIY Guide to Toilet Repair, and the update to Ace’s Poker Guide, we’re giving away free copies all weekend!  How do you take advantage of our free guide giveaway?  All you have to do is leave a […]

Texas Hold’em Guide – a Beginner’s Ace in the Hole

The Highly Anticipated Texas Hold’em Guide for Mobile! For anyone not as suave as Sinatra, fitting in at a poker table may not come easy.  The varying rule sets, lingo and betting can be scary for any new player.  To help beginners prevent embarrassing (and likely costly!) first-timer mistakes, DreamQuestGames is excited to announce Ace’s Poker Guide to […]

Broken Toilet?: There’s an App for that

It’s no wonder that most people don’t know how to perform minor repair on their own toilets.  Toilets are, well… gross.  Most people would rather not think about how their lavatory works.  Which is why they are usually unprepared when faced with a clog, leak or running toilet.  In fact, 18% of household toilets run […]

Best Chess Openings: Italian Game

  The Italian Game is the oldest recorded chess openings.  This classic is also one of the best chess openings of all time.  Italian Game, and it’s variations have been studied for over 300 years. The moves are 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4.  Like the Ruy Lopez opening, the Italian Game is […]

Spades: A Tutorial and How-To Video Guide!

Back with it’s second installment of Tutorials, DreamQuest Games wants YOU to be a successful Spades player! This guided video will give you a run-through on the basics of Spades with some advanced tips and tricks thrown into the mix. Are you tired of feeling like the only person who has no clue how to […]

Chess Makes Kids Smarter.

Children Learn Chess, Increase Test Scores, Cognitive Development, Memory and IQ Championship Chess for Windows is free to play.  The full version contains the DreamCoach™ digital tutor, which is more accessible than ever with DreamQuest’s back-to-school sale.  Parents receive a 75% discount on Championship Chess with coupon code CHESS_WOW.   In an extensive study, the Learning to Think […]

Chess Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Chess Puts Senior’s Risk of Developing Dementia in Check Championship Chess for Windows is free to play.  The full version contains the DreamCoach™ digital tutor, 5 difficulty levels, and 24 virtual opponents.  Computer chess is more accessible than ever with DreamQuest’s Senior Sale.  A 75% discount is available on Championship Chess with coupon code CHESS_WOW at DreamQuestGames. Seniors […]