Announcing Championship Hearts and Championship Gin for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle!

Take Championship Hearts and Championship Gin With You Anywhere!


That’s right, the same Championship Hearts and Championship Gin that you know and love is now available on your mobile device.  We’ve rebuilt the game, and modified it a little to play will on mobile.  Among the changes you’ll find is it’s FREE!

Now you can take Championship Hearts and Championship Gin anywhere! Play a few hands in the waiting room, or play a few games on the train.  You’ll find the same colorful cast of characters that you’ve come to know and love.  Also, both games have premium add-ons for our fans.

Download Championship Hearts and Championship Gin today!  Please leave us a positive review while you’re in the app store.  We’re hard at work bringing the rest of our catalog to mobile, and we love to hear from our fans!

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