BACK TO SCHOOL – Games are Educational! Teach one now!

We know that playing games is a way to learn and have fun at the same time. There is an emphasis now to include game theory concepts in education. We learn more than just rules! Most who play our board and card games, also participate in face-to-face games. It is never too soon to teach children board and card games. Concepts such as math, strategy, winning and losing gracefully, when to be conservative, when to take a risk, long range planning, social skills and helping others (partner play) are embedded in most card and board games. This time of year we all think about “going back to school” but we don’t focus on the simple way we learn important skills. So as we think of “back to school” we also should think about “back to games,” and share our love of our favorite game with others, especially children.

Alien XP2 is is learning how to be a better Cribbage player – he always seems to lose by just a few points, but he hasn’t given up! Studying rules and strategy is easy online –there are many sites that support learning board and card games and we have rules and strategy embedded in our menus. Check them out. He is taking advantage of the “practice” play option (menu) and is asking for a hint, Questie suggests a play, AlienXP2 would have gone for the Jack of Spades!

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7-29-2014 CRIBBAGE for Website

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