Best Chess Openings: Italian Game


The Italian Game is the oldest recorded chess openings.  This classic is also one of the best chess openings of all time.  Italian Game, and it’s variations have been studied for over 300 years. The moves are 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4.  Like the Ruy Lopez opening, the Italian Game is considered an ‘open game’ or ‘double king’s pawn game’.  Both sides cover Black’s King’s pawn with their Knight, and White poises her Bishop to threaten f7.

The Following are common responses for Black:

(Bc5) Black mirrors White by moving out his Bishop. Similarly he threatens an even more important square adjacent to the opponents King.  White will usually respond with d4 which defends both Bishop and pawn, and uncovering her second Bishop for attack.

(Nf6) Black moves out his second Knight.  White may be tempted to defend her pawn with another pawn (d3), but keep a lookout for forks.

(Be7)  Black positions his Bishop in front of his King.  This is a somewhat conservative move, as the Bishop does not directly threaten nor defend any piece.  However, it positions itself protectively in front of the King (should a series of trades consume the King’s pawns).  The Bishop also has the full potential to break right or left as needed.

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