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Alpha Colony is LIVE on Kickstarter!

We are excited and proud to announce our approval via Kickstarter and our funding project is now live! Get in there soon to take advantage of those early bird deals! Share us with friends! ‘Like’ us on FB! Keep up with us on Twitter! For the most up-to-date Kickstarter info become a backer of our […]

Meet the Rover

You’ve landed on an uninhabited and inhospitable planet with untold riches beneath the surface. A recent intergalactic survey has brought you and 3 other prospectors to seek your fortune in the distant regions of the galaxy, too remote to be profitable by larger mining operations. In order to excavate precious minerals, grow necessary food stuffs […]

Game Designer for a Day

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a game designer?  Then here’s an opportunity not to be missed: In our upcoming Alpha Colony Kickstarter campaign, we’re going to be offering the exclusive opportunity to see your own game ideas come to life!  All guest contributors will receive credit as ‘Game Designer’ in the credits as […]

Alpha Colony for Only $50,000?

Alpha Colony needs to raise only 50k from our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to see the light of day. While 50k isn’t anything to shake a stick at… I know it’s a lot of money to me, and it probably is to you as well, but is it enough to make a game? No. Games Cost […]

New Kickstarter Launch Date: October 19th!

It’s official, Alpha Colony‘s new Kickstarter launches October 19th. We know we’ve been kind of quiet lately, but we’ve been hard at work on the GDD, concept art, and a web-based prototype for you to play. We’ve also secured some outside, private funding so our target funding goal should be substantially less than before!

DreamQuest Games is looking for Art Interns!

DreamQuest Games is looking for Art Interns! Graphic Artist Design Intern: The ideal candidate is an expert in Photoshop. Can produce art assets of specific dimensions quickly. Candidate should keep files organized and well-labeled. Should be familiar with vector shapes and masks. 3D Modeler Design Intern: Should understand the basics of modeling, texturing and animation […]

Extra, Extra: New Features!

We Listened to You! You said you wanted customization options… so we did it!  Over the past month, we’ve been hard at work delivering you TWO new features, available in all or mobile games from now on: Personalized Avatar and Custom Character Creator!  Personalized Avatar: This new feature allows you to put YOU in the […]

Texas Hold’em Guide – a Beginner’s Ace in the Hole

The Highly Anticipated Texas Hold’em Guide for Mobile! For anyone not as suave as Sinatra, fitting in at a poker table may not come easy.  The varying rule sets, lingo and betting can be scary for any new player.  To help beginners prevent embarrassing (and likely costly!) first-timer mistakes, DreamQuestGames is excited to announce Ace’s Poker Guide to […]

Broken Toilet?: There’s an App for that

It’s no wonder that most people don’t know how to perform minor repair on their own toilets.  Toilets are, well… gross.  Most people would rather not think about how their lavatory works.  Which is why they are usually unprepared when faced with a clog, leak or running toilet.  In fact, 18% of household toilets run […]

Alpha Colony: Tribute to M.U.L.E. Kickstarter

We wanted to reach out to our customers from the past to share our excitement for our largest undertaking to date: building a family-friendly economic video game, similar to SimCity or Civilization, combining Settlers of Catan board and historic M.U.L.E. games. We are funding and accepting pre-orders for this game via our Kickstarter project entitled […]

Games Promote Relaxation and Help Reduce Stress

You know those fun little games we all play on our computer that are easy to learn and don’t require a big time commitment? Some that quickly come to mind are Solitaire, Hearts or Spades. What’s fascinating about these types of games is that they’ve become a welcome source of relaxation and stress relief and […]

Gaming Brings People Together!

At DreamQuest Software, we love to take time to think about the impact gaming has had on our society. A time-honored tradition with roots that probably extend as far back as the history of mankind, gaming involves the development of basic human skills exercised for amusement, while at the same time exercised to hone usefulness. […]

Games Are Teaching Tools

Are computer games the future of teaching? The perfect teacher may be described as someone who is patient, able to adapt to the learning styles of each student, and creative. Ironically, these are the exact terms used to describe many of the computer games currently on the market. The potential of these games to educate […]