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Cribbage Strategy Tip: The Magic Eleven by DeLynn Colvert

It’s back to basics, as we explore a familiar defense for Cribbage. Cards that total eleven are especially important in Pegging. The 6-5, 7-4, 8-3, 9-2, and x(“ten” card)-A combinations aid offensively and defensively in Pegging. These eleven combinations are especially important when you need a strong defense. When Jake needs a couple of peg […]

Spades Strategy Tip: Wasted Values

This month, we have a great article written by Jay Tomlinson, aka ‘Ruffkid1’ amid the online community. Jay has been playing in card tournaments for over 30 years and has made significant contributions to Spades theory. He is a Bridge Life Master and a recognized Spades Master. Drop by his website called “Expert Spades,” which […]

Euchre Strategy Tip: Combination in Trump

This month we return to our friend and card expert, Joe Andrews, for a hot topic in Euchre. Joe is former National Hearts Champion and author of many books on playing cards, including Win at Spades, Win at Hearts, and others available on You have named the trump by picking up the turned card. […]

Rummy Strategy: Quick Tips

We’ve got some hints and tips that we think will help you be star Rummy players! 1. Early in the game, try to save high value cards (like face cards and aces) to meld. That way you can maximize your total points. 2. Meld or layoff early in the game only if you can pick […]

Spades Strategy Tips with Joe Andrews

This month we follow up with card expert Joe Andrews, author of Win at Spades. Read Below for his special tips about Suit Management to increase your skills and up your Spades game! These tips as well as many others are located at Spades Suit Management – Watch those Bags! The original game of […]

Euchre Strategy Tip: The Safety Play

We return to the all-knowing master of card games, Joe Andrews for a brief, but informative tip on Euchre. Be sure to check out Joe’s books including The Complete Win at Spades and The Complete Win at Hearts available here. You are playing in your local club or tavern in a regular 10-point game. The […]

Hearts Strategy Tips with Joe Andrews

We can’t mention Hearts tips without referring to our friend, Joe Andrews, author of Win at Hearts. Check out his tips and techniques to better your hearts game! Here we want to use certain card combinations in the spade and club suits. Let us look at two hands. It is the beginning of a game, […]

Five Hundred 500 Tips from Bryce Francis

We hope you have bought your copy of Championship Five Hundred Pro, because we have expert tips from Bryce Francis, published author and expert Five Hundred player. He’s got all the skills and strategies to help you on your Five Hundred Game. 1. Use your “bargaining power” to the utmost. A game is not lost […]

Euchre Strategy Quiz by Joe Andrews

How sharp are your Euchre skills?  Download our Euchre game.You’ll be able to practice all day long! When you’re ready, try your hand at this quiz by Joe Andrews, author of Win at Hearts and The Complete Win at Spades, and see if you can achieve a perfect score! In each of the following hands, […]

Top Five Chess Strategies

The following tips are excerpted from Grandmaster Arthur Bisguier’s article, “Play Chess – Tips for Winning Chess Strategy.” TIP 1: Look at your opponent’s move. Every time your opponent makes a move, you should stop and think: Why was that move chosen? Is a piece in danger? Are there any other threats I should watch […]

Cribbage Game Strategy: Defensive Pegging

This month we look at Defensive Pegging by Cribbage Champion DeLynn Colvert, the world’s highest rated tournament player. These tips are excerpted from his book Play Winning Cribbage, available at Defensive Pegging More games are won and lost while pegging those last few points than by all the astute play of the previous hands. […]

Hearts Strategy Tip: Count to 13 in the Spades Suit

While acting as the tournament director for several live tournaments nationwide, Joe Andrews has authored several books including, Win at Hearts, available through Spades important in Hearts? Yes! In the game of the Hearts, the queen of spades is the key card. Understanding the basics about the spades suit can often make the difference […]

Gin Strategy Tips: The 10 Golden Rules

Read below for the top 10 strategies to follow for a successful game, courtesy of 1. Play to knock. As quickly as possible, develop a hand consisting of melds, a triangle, and a knock cache. When you hit one of the four cards needed to create a meld from the triangle, you can knock. […]

Spades Strategy Tip: The Double Whammy Autowin

Read the best in tips and techniques from expert Spades player John Strichman, author of How NOT to Lose at Spades. The Double Whammy Autowin Now for the final example. This is the 10th, and designated last, hand of a tournament game. Whichever team is ahead after this hand will win the game. You are […]

Cribbage Strategy: Logic, A Five-letter Word for Thinking!

Learn the strategy below from four-time national Cribbage Champion Delynn Colver. After playing several hundred games of cribbage, standard plays become apparent. You will be able to develop “X-ray” vision, a la Superman, if you work at it! This is especially true when playing accomplished players like old Jake, the “snake” (your imaginary expert opponent). […]