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Cribbage Strategy: Top 5 Playing Tips

It is not often that a player will lead a 5 as the initial card of the play, but if you are experienced, such a move could prove advantageous. The following example suggests where such a move could be beneficial. Example: You lead with a tenth card, knowing that the chance your opponent has a […]

Five Hundred Tips: Top 10 Rules

Our Top Ten Rules for Five Hundred will help improve your strategy Check that you have ten cards. Sort your hand properly into suit groups. Note the score, and then be sure to bid accordingly. Listen and interpret all bids. If you pick up the kitty, be sure to reject exactly three cards, and: Short […]

Mahjong Magic

Questie’s Corner: Game mascot Questie shares aspects of our games with you to help make your DreamQuest Software experience more enjoyable. Championship Mahjong Solitaire for Windows is one of DreamQuest Software’s most unusual games. Not a card game, nor a board game in the same sense as Chess or Checkers, Mahjongg is an ancient Chinese […]