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FAQ: Windows 10

Greetings DreamQuest Games’ Fans! We have received a lot of questions lately regarding whether or not our games work on Windows 10. Our developer just verified and they work great!  Thank you for your continued support of our company and enjoy your games!

Questie Standing


Let’s talk about what’s new with the latest update to our Championship Rummy 500 Game! As with any and all updates, new bugs crop up and old bugs are resolved. Many of our older bugs were fixed or improved upon with this release, making for a much cleaner layout, smoother melds and a more user-friendly […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all of us at Dreamquest Games.  Just think, if clubs were GREEN they would be shamrocks!   Time to add a DreamQuest game to your collection, so why not Cribbage?  If you look closely enough you can imagine that there is a touch of Leprechaun magic in those cards, never can […]