World Map Progression! Major Update to Rummy 500! Oct. 17th

We have taken all your comments and concerns to heart to bring you this update jam packed with new improvements. Rummy 500 now has a map view where you can see all the game aspects that you have unlocked, and how many more victories you need to unlock the next! We’re sure you all will love to hear that the banner ads on the bottom of your screen have been completely removed-COMPLETELY!

If you are just joining the Rummy World Tour and this is your first time playing, do not fear you are behind the curve! We have added a guided tour of our Rummy world, voiced by Questie.


The new Championship Rummy 500 release offers over 1,000 changes, additions, and improvements. Here is just a taste of what’s new and exciting!

NEW! Voice guided tour gives you a quick and entertaining overview of update
NEW! Distracting banner ads completely removed from game
NEW! Zoomable Tour map now features 45 unlockable game features as you progress
NEW! Simpler unlock of bonus game content via either coins or trophies
NEW! Coins/trophies/unlockables earned now transfer between devices (if you use FB login)
NEW! Daily loyalty reward gives more coins to players who return to play every day
NEW! In-game slot machine offers free daily pull and chance to win a million coins
NEW! Most unlockables now have a TRY FOR FREE option (one-time use each)
NEW! You can now disable ALL in-game ads using coins in the Store (or via purchase)
NEW! Collect 15 winnable achievement Crowns to attest to your skill and win coins for doing so
NEW! Login to Facebook to customize and add your name and likeness in-game

IMPROVED: Playing cards via dragging and flicking now much more consistent
IMPROVED: Cleaner layout of stock/discard pile and more space for melds to fit
IMPROVED: Higher contrast and higher-quality card graphics for easier readability
IMPROVED: Illegal Plays cheat now allows not using bottom card on multi-pickup
IMPROVED: Most clickable game objects are now orange to signify they are clickable
IMPROVED: Various icons and other game art assets improved

FIXED: Bug that allowed players to sometimes win without discarding
FIXED: Bug that allowed players to sometimes not meld on multi-card pickup
FIXED: Issues with some graphical issues on older Android phones

As usual, our cast of realistic and cheerful characters creates a friendly atmosphere that will bring back fond memories. Relax with Championship Rummy 500’s soothing tones and easy pace as you decide when, where, and how many rounds to play. Share and challenge your friends on Facebook with our new high score list. Extensive customization options and adjustable settings will satisfy even the savviest Rummy 500 player. With features like Undo and Replay, you’ll be a winner in no time. Players looking for even more invigorating play will want to unlock the numerous practice and cheat options as well as thrilling game variations such as 500 Rum, Ten Card, Dots, Kaluki, Spot, Cutthroat, Michigan, Continuity, and Block.

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