Chess Makes Kids Smarter.

Children Learn Chess, Increase Test Scores, Cognitive Development, Memory and IQ

Championship Chess for Windows is free to play.  The full version contains the DreamCoach™ digital tutor, which is more accessible than ever with DreamQuest’s back-to-school sale.  Parents receive a 75% discount on Championship Chess with coupon code CHESS_WOW.


In an extensive study, the Learning to Think Project found significant gains in IQ in elementary children exposed to chess over a 4.5 month period.  These gains crossed gender and all socio-economic groups.  Even learning disabled and hyperactive children see increased performance from learning chess. Yet shrinking school funding has required most schools to cut programs like chess.  Since private tutors are rarely an option, more parents are turning to Championship Chess by DreamQuest Games.  Unlike most computer chess programs, Championship Chess uses exclusive DreamCoach™ technology.  DreamCoach™ is like private tutor, which provides move-by-move hints and explanations.

A study by New York City Schools revealed introducing children to Chess produced a number of benefits.  As one would expect, it dramatically improved a child’s ability to think rationally.  The study saw concrete results in higher grades, especially in English and Math studies.  During the course of the study, researchers witnessed an increase of self-confidence and self-worth in children.  Children who played chess applied hard work, concentration and commitment to their school studies.   NYC schools found the students even benefited socially from the program.  Chess helped the children make friends more easily, providing an easy, safe forum for gathering and discussion.   It also allowed girls to compete with boys on a non-threatening, socially acceptable plane.

These competitive advantages provided by Chess are more important than ever. Robert M. Snyder, author of Chess for Juniors, tells parents “today the world is so technology oriented that you need brainpower, not brawn to compete.”

With a good coach and “a few months of training, any motivated and bright 10-year-old can become a proficient player.” Claims Steve Sawyer, Charter President of the Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization.  Sawyer further explains, “skills acquired by chess are not just for extremely gifted children; they are trainable skills for all.”



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