Chess Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Chess Puts Senior’s Risk of Developing Dementia in Check

Championship Chess for Windows is free to play.  The full version contains the DreamCoach™ digital tutor, 5 difficulty levels, and 24 virtual opponents.  Computer chess is more accessible than ever with DreamQuest’s Senior Sale.  A 75% discount is available on Championship Chess with coupon code CHESS_WOW at DreamQuestGames.

Seniors who play chess have a significantly lower risk of developing dementia, according to a five-year study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Players of all ability levels gain the mental health benefits of chess with a suitably matched opponent.  Computer chess programs, such as Championship Chess by DreamQuest Games, cater to individual skill levels to provide a healthy level of challenge.

Participants who engaged in mentally stimulating activities more frequently had the least tendency to develop dementia.   For seniors looking to ward off Alzheimer’s with more frequent chess games, computer chess  offers the convenience of mental stimulation, anytime.

Playing chess was much more effective in preventing dementia than other mental activities, such as solving crossword puzzles.  Most physical activities tracked in the study had no effect.

Seniors who enjoy the social component of this inherently two-player game, may enjoy the cast of 24 vividly endearing virtual opponents in Championship Chess.  Also included, is an advanced interactive tutor, DreamCoach™,  for players wishing to improve their chess skills.  DreamCoach™, like a patient private tutor,, provides hints and explanations turn by turn.


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