Chess Strategy: Keep Your Center Strong

From the very beginning of each Championship Chess Pro game, the player that controls the center of the chessboard controls the traffic between the two armies. If you’re weak in the middle, you’ll likely be facing an invasion soon. Before starting a successful attack, you first need to gain a firm foothold in the center. The following explains chess strategy that will help keep your center strong with some best chess openings.

  1. Be extremely careful when moving your pawns. They can never back up! Try to control the center with pawns. The center of the board is the four middle squares: d4-e4-d5-e5. Pawns create a more permanent presence than just having your pieces influence the center. Pawn moves in the opening should accomplish one of two things: control the center or free your bishops to develop. As moving the center pawn does both, there is seldom a need to move the wing pawn in the opening. Moving wing pawns can often create structural weakness.    
  2. Knights and bishops should be attacking center squares. Even though it is more important to control the center with pawns than pieces, every bit helps. Your knights and bishops should be pointed at the center of the board in the opening. They can be used to pin enemy knights against their king or queen and to prevent these knights from being able to attack the center.
  3. Get your bishops and knights out as quickly as possible. If you get your pieces out fast and your opponent does not, you may be able to score a quick knockout. However, move knights and bishops out first and don’t start an attack until ALL your pieces are ready. Don’t move up your queen too far where your opponent’s knights and bishops can attack it and win tempos. Lastly, the player who makes the best use of his rooks usually wins the opening!


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