Customer Support Tips from Cherry: We are here to help you!

DreamQuestGames values each and every customer.  Our Customer Support turn-around-time for an email to us is 24 hours—and that includes weekends. The quickest way to get the information you seek is to email us at (You never get an automated response!)  One of the younger “dragons” will answer you with a personal message and the information you requested.  I answer email too. Our goal is to get all your questions answered the first time.  Customer Support seldom gets a second email from a customer on any issue, unless it is a “thank you” email. We love those—they make our day!

All we ask is that you include your first and last name so we can look up your account. We have been in business since 2000 and our database of customers is large, so please help us refine our search with that first and last name. We can (1) fix an error in an order, (2) find your lost codes, (3) check your CD order, (4) change information in your account, (5) check your order status, AND (6) answer game-specific questions, like “Why does the other player start with 100 points?” Answer:”You have to move up a level in ability to play.”

Most game-specific questions can be found in the HELP section of your game or by going to MENU and SETTINGS and exploring your options. However, we know that once in a while you just need a little assistance. We are here for you.

As dragon-in-charge (that is ACTUALLY my job title), I assure you that all of us at DreamQuestGames Customer Support are here to help you have a wonderful and rewarding gaming experience.



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