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Earn 15 Trophies

We’ve just released a major update to our mobile Hearts, Spades, Gin and Rummy games! This major update features a trophy achievement system, and allows you to connect and share on Facebook. Post your scores and trophy wins to Facebook to share with friends and family.

To celebrate the new features, we are offering a trophy contest. Win all 15 trophies in a game and share them on Facebook. If you are the first person to do so, you will win a FREE Windows card game of your choice from our site. One winner for each of our new mobile games (Hearts, Spades, Gin, and Rummy).

Note: Winning all of the trophies for a game requires “Player’s Club” membership for that game. Player’s Club is on sale now through Jan 1st – just $4.99 for each game.

Contest Steps:

1. Install Championship Hearts, Spades, Gin or Rummy from the App Store or Google Play
2. Connect the game with your Facebook Account.
3. Like the Dreamquest Games Facebook page.
4. Each time you win a trophy, post it to Facebook.
5. When you have won all 15, post on our Facebook page to claim your prize!

We will give you a free copy of one of our Windows games (your choice).

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