Euchre Strategy Quiz by Joe Andrews

How sharp are your Euchre skills?  Download our Euchre game.You’ll be able to practice all day long! When you’re ready, try your hand at this quiz by Joe Andrews, author of Win at Hearts and The Complete Win at Spades, and see if you can achieve a perfect score!

In each of the following hands, what is your best lead?

1. Dealer has picked up the ace of hearts. You hold:

Q Q 10 A Q none


2. Dealer has picked up the jack of diamonds. You hold:

10 J A Q 9


3. Dealer has picked up the king of clubs. You hold:

A A 10 10 9


4. Dealer has picked up the king of diamonds. You hold:

9 K Q J 10 none


5. Dealer has picked up the ace of spades. You hold:

K 10 K 9 none Q



1. Lead the queen of spades. If partner has the spade ace, you may get a club lead from him. A diamond lead is bad, as you have a natural finessing combination. Don’t even consider a trump lead!

2. Lead the spade 10. This will be a tough hand to set, unless partner has one of the black-suit aces and a void. You have a “natural” trump trick and still need a lot of help here . . .

3. This is a classic situation. Lead either ace. If dealer trumps this, you will save the other ace until the end. A trump lead may be tempting; however, you do not want to get squeezed between the two aces.

4. You hold the Master trump. Try the king of hearts. You might get lucky and win this trick. If the heart ace is taken by the opponents, you should win the expected trump return, and then try the heart queen.

5. The queen of clubs is best, as it is necessary to protect your kings.

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