Five Hundred 500 Tips from Bryce Francis

We hope you have bought your copy of Championship Five Hundred Pro, because we have expert tips from Bryce Francis, published author and expert Five Hundred player. He’s got all the skills and strategies to help you on your Five Hundred Game.

1. Use your “bargaining power” to the utmost. A game is not lost until someone wins it by calling, and the next hand or two can change the whole game.

2. Never comment on your hand until after a hand is played. At best, post mortems are not effective game winners.

3. Never grumble about your cards. Every bad hand you are dealt will be matched with an equally good one later on. Luck in the deal strangely seems to go in runs—sometimes good, sometimes bad.

4. Never forget you are half a partnership. You are not just playing your own hand. Your partner needs your input. If your hand is poor, the odds are your partners’ is strong.

5. Never leave your partner on his first bid of an ace if he has been the only bidder so far. The only exception would be if to bid would take you out the back door and your opponents are threatening to win this game this hand. If you have nothing to bid, just go 7 in the suit he bid. He will know this is a bid to keep him in the bidding.

6. Concentrate entirely on the game. There is no room for idle chatter if you are playing serious cards. If you must talk, do it before you start, or after you finish playing.

7. You are better to go down a small bid than let your opposition call a successful large bid.

8. Nine no-trumps without the joker is not difficult if you have the four aces on your side and at least good support in most suits or a long strong suit.

9. Be particularly careful to stay in the bidding when your opponents’ bid does not take them out the front door, but a larger call in the same suit will. You cannot re-enter the bidding if your opponents do not change the suit of their bid.

10. If you hold the joker, right and left bowers, and your partner has bid that ace, your first lead MUST be a small card to your partners’ ace. This rule holds good even if you do not hold the joker.

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