FREE Championship Hearts App for iPad and iPhone!


Do you have an iPhone or iPad handy? Most people do, these days. So, in keeping with modern times and technology, we’ve created a free version of our popular Championship Hearts game for iPad and iPhone.

Now, you can play Championship Hearts on the go! Next time you have some time to chill, just bust out your iPad or iPhone and play a hand or a whole game of Championship Hearts. It’ll keep you entertained while waiting for that bus, plane or train.

This FREE version of Championship Hearts includes the following:

  • Unlimited Games
  • Colorful HD Graphics
  • Engaging DreamCoachâ„¢
  • Educational Hearts Tutorial
  • Friendly Beginner AI
  • 3 Entertaining Characters
  • Realistic Sounds and Player Taunts


Optional upgrades allow you even more freedom, six more challenging opponents, and entertaining game variations. These can be purchased within the game. They include:

  • No Ads Add-on
  • >oderate AI Add-on: Advance from Beginning to Intermediate Level
  • Practice Add-on – Sharpen Your Skills and Polish Your Play
  • Cheats Add-on – Stack the deck 6 different Ways
  • Expert AI Add-on – Advance to Master Level with Expert Coaching
  • Game Variations Add-on – 6 new Hearts variations

Play Championship Hearts Now

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