Get Championship Chess for Windows 75% off. It’s Madness! – This deal will not be around for long!

We’re excited to announce our Chess Madness: 75% Off Sale for the full version PC version of Championship Chess.  At 75% off, we’ve never offered Chess for less.  So if you’ve ever wanted to become a better chess player or just want to enjoy the game on your own… now is the time.  This insane discount won’t be available for long.

What do I get if I purchase the full version of Championship Chess for Windows ?

We’re so glad you asked…

◦  24 vividly exciting characters
◦  5 difficulty modes
◦  Our advanced DreamCoach™ Tutor, which will make you a better player by not only offering suggested moves, but an explanation why!
◦  … and many exciting game variations!

Still not convinced? Let’s see what past users have said…

★★★★★ “Thanks to Questie, I can finally win at Chess with my wife. Don’t tell her my secret.”
-John, California.

★★★★★ “Best Chess AI. Love passing the time with it”
-Lori, Montana

★★★★★ “If it weren’t for Questie I’d still be losing to my Uncle at chess! After I played Championship Chess for Windows I can at least compete with him now! Thanks Questie!”
-Amanda, Colorado

To take advantage of this amazing offer, click Championship Chess for Windows 75% off or enter the promotional code “chess_wow” at checkout.

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