Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all of us at Dreamquest Games. 

Just think, if clubs were GREEN they would be shamrocks  Time to add a DreamQuest game to your collection, so why not Cribbage?  If you look closely enough you can imagine that there is a touch of Leprechaun magic in those cards, never can tell with Leprechauns!   Actually you can have GREEN clubs in WINDOWS and our ANDROID, iPad/iPod/iPhone APPS.  You have a  FOUR-Color deck option,  [menu, settings, art, change card faces] this allows you to play with a four colored deck of blue [diamonds], red [hearts], green [clubs] and black [spades].

Cribbage was first created by the English poet Sir John Suckling in the early 17th Century.  It was first called “noddy.”   It is a traditional game of American submariners, and the wardroom of the oldest active submarine in the US Pacific Fleet carries the personal cribbage board of Medal of Honor recipient, Rear Admiral Dick O’Kane, and upon a decomissioning of that boat, it would be transferred to the next oldest boat.  A logical game for a submariner, it only requires a deck of cards and a small cribbage board.




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