Hearts Card Game Strategy Tip: Bleeding Out Spades

Bleeding Out Spades
“Bleeding out spades” means that you are trying to draw all the spades out of the other players and take them out of play. You would want to employ this tactic when you are holding the queen and not many other spades. Let’s imagine that it is the second trick in the round and you are leading. You hold only the 3, jack, queen, king and ace of spades, which makes you nervous about surviving a spades siege. Worse, you will no doubt have to start laying down your king and ace, making it obvious that you are harboring the queen. So what do you do? Let’s talk numbers. You are holding five spades, which means that there are eight more out there amongst the other players. Because they tend not to be passed in the beginning of the round, it is pretty safe to assume that each player has at least two spades. The strategy? Draw those spades out before another player bleeds the Queen out of you. Here’s how you do it. Lead with the ace—no one will beat you. Then lead with the king. Again, no one will beat you. Continue leading with your spades, minus the queen of course, until all spades are drawn out of your opponents’ hands.,Now that there are no more spades out there, hold onto the queen, playing it only when you decide to take the trick you want. You know you’re safe because nobody can beat the queen. Use this trick, and try to beat any one of our 24 opponents today!

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