Frustrated by opponent’s play? How about pie in their face?

Pie in the face, where did it start? The idea of throwing a pie in someone face — custard or just whipped cream — had its origins in gags of early slapstick comedy films starting in 1909 We have a century of throwing pies at each other in frustration. Can you do that in a DreamQuest game? Yes you can!

Ms. Potts was being particularly annoying to Xn2rZpT in this game of Hearts– he had envisioned a zero points game. Xn2rZpT is now faced with the dilemma of taking that Ace of Hearts and saving himself and the other players from a “Shoot the Moon” possibility — ruining  his zero points game on the very first hand or hoping that Ms. Potts fails to Shoot the Moon.  Xn2rZpT knows that Ms. Potts has some high cards as he passed them to her.

What should Xn2rZpT do?  What did Xn2rZpT do?  Throwing a pie in Ms. Pott’s face was his choice.   Zn2rpT simply  right clicked anywhere on the table and clicked on  “throw a pie and chose Ms. Potts” as the target.

Xn2rZpT feels much more relaxed.   Did Xn2rZpT take the trick, ah only Xn2rZpT knows.  He told me but I don’t understand his language! 🙂

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PIE how to throwPIE feel better already

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