Earn 15 Trophies – Get a Windows Game FREE

Earn 15 Trophies We’ve just released a major update to our mobile Hearts, Spades, Gin and Rummy games! This major update features a trophy achievement system, and allows you to connect and share on Facebook. Post your scores and trophy wins to Facebook to share with friends and family. To celebrate the new features, we […]

Hearts Card Game Trophy room

Sneak Peek at the Trophies coming soon

Sneak Peek! We are very excited about a major update coming very soon to our mobile Championship Hearts, Spades, Gin, and Rummy 500 games.  This update will include FaceBook leaderboard integration and trophies (and much more!) Cherry, our customer support lead, describes: “I especially love the new Trophy Rooms!  With 15 trophies to win in […]

Kickstarter Logo - Early Bird Specials

The Early Bird, Gets the Swag

Here at DreamQuest we’ve been overwhelmed by the community support for our game.  Which is why we’ve decided to give our most dedicated fans a little better deal than everyone else. We figure our most dedicated fans will we the first to pledge, so we’ve created some Early-Bird Specials that will help save you a […]

Epic Flooding Near DreamQuest Games

As you probably know, we had an enormous flood in Boulder last weekend!  DreamQuest Games’ studios just barely escaped the damage.  This short video of a collapsed road is less than a mile south of our offices.  While just north of us, there were neighborhoods under mandatory evacuation.  Other areas of Colorado were affected severely, […]

Welcome new 2013 Summer interns!

This summer Dreamquest Games has two summer interns working with us on upcoming releases. Eliot Glarion is a student enrolled at the University of Colorado in the College of Engineering. Eliot is working on designing the AI for some of our new games as well as general game development. He also worked as an intern […]

Summer Video Game Camp for Denver-Area Students!

Hello everyone! We’ve got very exciting news to announce: I get very excited sharing my love of video games with others and getting them excited in building their own projects. And I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’re holding three summer camps in June and July for students 10-16 years old to learn to build […]

Holiday Bundles Extended!

We’re happy to announce that our Holiday Bundles have been extended! Now you have until December 25th to get these great deals when you buy several of our games together: 3 Games : Save $20 with coupon code BUNDLE3 5 Games : Save $45 with coupon code BUNDLE5 7 Games : Save $85 with coupon code BUNDLE7 […]

Holiday Bundle Savings!

Brrr-r-r-r-r!  Baby it’s cold outside! You’d better bundle up, for savings! From now to November 23rd take advantage of our multi-game bundles to save up to $140! Bundles can include any of our PC titles. So try one of each, or buy Spades for everyone on your Chirstmas list: 3 Games : Save $20 with […]

Android, Early Unlock!

Although it wasn’t the favorite platform in our survey, we’re still pulling hard for Android.  And for those of you who have voiced your preference for Android… we’ve decided to put together a special holiday offer just for you. We’re offering early unlock of the Android platform if we reach 500 likes on our Alpha Colony Facebook […]

Alpha Colony is LIVE on Kickstarter!

We are excited and proud to announce our approval via Kickstarter and our funding project is now live! Get in there soon to take advantage of those early bird deals! Share us with friends! ‘Like’ us on FB! Keep up with us on Twitter! For the most up-to-date Kickstarter info become a backer of our […]

Meet the Rover

You’ve landed on an uninhabited and inhospitable planet with untold riches beneath the surface. A recent intergalactic survey has brought you and 3 other prospectors to seek your fortune in the distant regions of the galaxy, too remote to be profitable by larger mining operations. In order to excavate precious minerals, grow necessary food stuffs […]