Rummy Strategy: Quick Tips

We’ve got some hints and tips that we think will help you be star Rummy players!

1. Early in the game, try to save high value cards (like face cards and aces) to meld. That way you can maximize your total points.

2. Meld or layoff early in the game only if you can pick up extra high value cards. These cards can be used for partial melds later in the game to maximize your total points.

3.Always look for layoffs after your opponents’ meld to increase your points and minimize deadwood points. Look for these layoffs in either books or runs. For instance, you see a book consisting of the 10 of hearts, 10 of spades, and the 10 of diamonds. You have the 10 of clubs and decide to layoff:

10 10 10 10


4. Avoid melding a+ces low on a run because these melds are worth less.

A 2 3


5. Late in the game, try to discard your high value cards to minimize deadwood points you may get caught with.

4 8 8 4 K (Discard King) 5 6


6. Pay attention to what cards are not being discarded (especially high value cards). You can surmise what your opponent’s hand is based upon what melds have been played and what cards have been discarded. Ideally, you want wait to layoff your high value cards on the final card of the game so your opponent will not have the chance to pick it up.

Caution! This is a risky move because you may get caught with deadwood points, but if you keep a sharp eye on your opponent, you have a great chance to maximize your total score (and minimize their score).

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