Solitaire Tips and Strategies

Are you a Solitaire players looking to spiff up your game? Download your copy of the new Championship Solitaire Challenge! Our interactive tutorial will show you the ropes to popular variations. Challenge 24 fun and realistic computer players. Ask your in-game DreamCoach(TM) for a hint if you get stuck!

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Championship Solitaire Tips and Strategies

  1. Use the Difficulty menu to quickly set the “intelligence” of your opponents with five levels of difficulty.
  2. Adjust game speed and other options in the Settings menu.
  3. Click on the trickcard to quickly show the last trick played.    
  4. Try all Game variations, or make your own!
  5. Play the interactive tutorial to improve your game.
  6. Get hints and undo bad plays, or disable practice options to resist the temptation!
  7. Change the look of your game with free skins and art selections.
  8. Partner or opponents frustrating? Throw a pie at them!
  9. Track your improvement with detailed history and statistics.

Pick up your copy of Championship Solitaire Challenge and test your skills! Play at five different skill levels and keep track of your game using the detailed statistics option. Once you’ve mastered Championship Solitaire Challenge, the games have just begun! Championship Solitaire Challenge is available for Windows today!

Championship Solitaire Challenge

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