“Spring” into “shooting the moon” — Our friend Xn2rZpT from Outer Space gets a lesson!

Hearts is such a popular game and the idea of “shooting the moon,” [capturing all the Hearts plus the Queen of Spades –giving all the other players 26 points] is so appealing, but not as easy as it seems as our friend from outer space Xn2rZpT learned in his first hand.

Xn2rZpT missed by one as MsPotts, that former school teacher, managed to get the JH and cost Xn2rZpT 25 points — he learned you need to account for all the hearts!

Xn2RZpt may be making a similar error in this second hand  He is correct to pass Marshall the QS, but he isn’t thinking ahead by passing the JS. Fortunately Questie is here to give him a hint and suggestsfhat he  “. . .  hold the  JS and try to void a suit, by giving the 6 and JD.

Xn2rZpt is excited about being here on Earth to play Hearts, but apparently he never saw Cowboys & Aliens!   You can enable  hints in the menu SETTINGS by choosing “Yes” on “Allow Practice Options?” under Player Preference.

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Xn2RZptshoot the moon hint

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