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Cribbage Strategy Tip: The Magic Eleven by DeLynn Colvert

It’s back to basics, as we explore a familiar defense for Cribbage. Cards that total eleven are especially important in Pegging. The 6-5, 7-4, 8-3, 9-2, and x(“ten” card)-A combinations aid offensively and defensively in Pegging. These eleven combinations are especially important when you need a strong defense. When Jake needs a couple of peg […]

Cribbage Game Strategy: Defensive Pegging

This month we look at Defensive Pegging by Cribbage Champion DeLynn Colvert, the world’s highest rated tournament player. These tips are excerpted from his book Play Winning Cribbage, available at http://www.cribbage.org/tips/books.asp. Defensive Pegging More games are won and lost while pegging those last few points than by all the astute play of the previous hands. […]

Cribbage Strategy: Logic, A Five-letter Word for Thinking!

Learn the strategy below from four-time national Cribbage Champion Delynn Colver. After playing several hundred games of cribbage, standard plays become apparent. You will be able to develop “X-ray” vision, a la Superman, if you work at it! This is especially true when playing accomplished players like old Jake, the “snake” (your imaginary expert opponent). […]

Cribbage Strategy: Top 5 Playing Tips

It is not often that a player will lead a 5 as the initial card of the play, but if you are experienced, such a move could prove advantageous. The following example suggests where such a move could be beneficial. Example: You lead with a tenth card, knowing that the chance your opponent has a […]