Let’s talk about what’s new with the latest update to our Championship Rummy 500 Game! As with any and all updates, new bugs crop up and old bugs are resolved. Many of our older bugs were fixed or improved upon with this release, making for a much cleaner layout, smoother melds and a more user-friendly experience.

Our new voice-guided tour gives you a quick 60 second tour of all our newest game playing features and bonus rewards. A daily loyalty reward  gives more coins to players who return to play every day and the in-game slot machine offers a free pull every day for a chance to win up to One Million Coins! Attest your skill, collect all 15 winnable Achievement Crowns and win coins for doing so! You can use these coins to unlock game features or levels, as well as other in-app purchases such as disabling all in-game ads.


We now have a zoomable tour map, which presents 45 unlockable game features as you win games of Rummy. As you progress through the map, different versions of Rummy are unlocked, each with a little twist of its own.

We’ve opted to get rid of banner ads, as these were distracting and took up precious game space. Instead, we now just have interstitial ads that pop up between each hand. This allowed us to clean up our game and make it more readable for smaller devices and it also allowed more space to put melds. Remember, if you do not wish to see ads while playing, you can always drop by our store and get the “Ad-free” in-app purchase we offer, using earned coins or via purchase. This will permanently relieve you of all ads within our games.

We hope you enjoy this new update. With tons of customization options, adjustable settings and features like undo and redo, you’ll be a winner in no time!

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