5 Reasons Why DreamQuest’s Games are First-Class

DreamQuest’s Games are First-Class and here’s why

I’m inspired today to write about why DreamQuest’s Games are first-class and the best digital card games available  I am a relatively new employee at DreamQuest Games, but I have been playing card games as long as I can remember.  I grew up in the mid-West playing Euchre, Hearts, Tripoli, Rook, Go Fish, and probably every version of Solitaire that has ever existed.  Every family event included card games, and every family vacation I was sure to pack a deck of cards.  So working at a successful games studio is a dream come true for me – especially one that brings card games to life!

Last night I was playing a long round of Championship Hearts, and was noticing all the small nuances that make our games so playable.  Here is a list of the top five reasons why I think that our games rise above our competition and provide the best digital game play experience around:



I absolutely love that our games are not cluttered with unnecessary graphics.  I wear glasses or contact lenses, and am sometimes bothered by an excessive amount of animation and colors.  DreamQuest Games has found the sweet spot when it comes to graphics.  The characters look like real people, and not caricatures or cartoons.  The cards and playing table look authentic.  Text is clear and easy to read, especially on my iPad!  I appreciate that it looks like an actual game of cards and not a flashy video game.


I completely understand that some people enjoy playing digital games with other people to have a live experience.  But DreamQuest has intelligently chosen not to incorporate that aspect into their games.  I think it’s a huge plus that these games are solo play with built-in opponents.  Not only do you have the luxury of leaving the game at any time, but the games have a continue feature which allows you to return exactly where you left off.  The other benefit to NOT being a live multi-player game leads me to Reason #3.  Read on…



If you haven’t gone through the tutorials on each of DreamQuests’s Championship Games, you are missing out!  Not only is the new dragon logo “Questie” incredibly adorable, but the thought and writing that has gone into these tutorials is unparalleled.  It is obvious that the creators of these games didn’t just throw together a generic tutorial.  I really appreciate that things are explained in depth so that you understand WHY a card is being played.  Additionally, once a player has gone through the tutorial, there are still many features to help you learn.  In the game’s menu there is a really helpful “Practice” sub-menu that opens a whole world of resources to you.  You can replay hands, watch a game be played out for you, and my favorite feature: Auto-hint.  Questie will pop up on your screen and give you a suggestion for each play you make.  Again, it’s obvious that a lot of time and thought went into Questie’s hints, as they not only suggest what to play but also why you should play it.


This reason could easily have been my number one reason why DreamQuest’s Championship Games are the best, but for me it’s not all about the money.  DreamQuest has done away with the practice of asking a user to pay for each and every game feature.  They offer their games at one fair price, and then it is yours forever.  It’s well worth the asking price to get every feature imaginable.  I love having a variety of decks and tabletops to choose from, the game variations are really fun to learn, and I have to admit – I get a little nervous when I start playing the Masters! 😀


And now for my number one reason to play DreamQuest’s Championship Games….




The amazing game play of the opponents is the number one reason I keep playing these games.  I have grown tired of video games time and time again, but still have not tired of any card games made by DreamQuest.  Obviously there is a great variety of opponents – 9 to choose from (and 3 new ones on the horizon!).  But more importantly is that they play like actual people.  The beginners really play like beginners, and the Masters are truly masters of the game.  This is why the Championship Games have such re-playability (yes, I just made that word up!).

the Bottom Line:

DreamQuests’s Championship Card Games are the closest you are going to get to a real card game experience, aside from inviting your friends over and dragging out the card table and chairs.


All of DreamQuest’s Championship Card Games are FREE and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Our Classic games are available for Windows PC download.  All are available on this site, or click below to go directly to a mobile app store.

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