WORLD CUP 2014 DreamQuest Mahjongg Solitaire Has You Covered!

It is the World Cup 2014 and DreamQuest Software has you covered with a great choice of tiles, layout and backgrounds in our Mahjongg game.

Mahjongg is spelled several ways, but no matter how you spell it, it is challenging!

DreamQuest allows you to choose  to choose (1) Tile Set  (2) Layout and  (3) background.

Questie chose (1) Flags of the World for the tiles (2) Classic Layout for the structure of the game, t and (3) Map of the World for the background

Maybe we all didn’t make it to Rio, but we can enjoy the flags of the countries of the world played on a world map and think about all the colors on the flags being displayed.

It just happens that Questie ended up with the USA flag on top, honest 🙂    Good luck to all the teams in the finals!

(click on image to enlarge)

Mahjongg Solitaire LayoutMahjongg Solitaire

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