Learn to Play the Hearts with our Hearts Video How-To Guide and Tutorial for Any Skill Level

DreamQuest Games’ Hearts Video How-to Guide


Are you ready to begin gaining an understanding of the Ins and Outs of the Hearts Card Game?

In hopes of helping our already stellar fan base and of course attracting new champions, we at DreamQuest Games, have put together a short, guided video to Hearts. Have you ever tried to play Hearts, but the computer always beats you or do you just not quite understand it? Are you already a Hearts players, but wish you had access to some pointers or strategies? We’re here to help! This video should give you, the future Hearts Champions of the world, a basic understanding of the game with a few tips to get you going in a winning direction.

At DreamQuest Games, we offer free trial downloads of all of our Championship All-Stars games. Wanna know why our game is a cut above the rest? When you download our free trial for Windows you will team up with Questie, our DreamCoach, in learning the basic ins and outs of the game. He’ll explain to you, not only WHAT move you should make, but also WHY you should make that move. Our game helps you evolve and grow as a player. So you actually learn what to do! No doubt, you’ll be playing to your Hearts deepest desires of being a Hearts Champion after learning and playing with Questie.

Need further help or a written copy of the rules?

For additional help, tips and a written copy of the basic rules, check out our How To Play – Hearts guide brought to you by the DreamQuest Games Staff.

Heads up Mobile Gamers!

Check out Championship Hearts available for iOS and Android devices!

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