Mahjong Solitaire Tips and Strategies


Do you want some ideas to help make your Mahjong Solitaire game play even more exciting? Take some time to browse the following tips, tricks and techniques to improve your playing style.

Do you have your own copy of Championship Mahjong Solitaire? Try a free trial of this popular game title, available for Windows. Read the following tips, then try out what you learn when you play your copy of Championship Mahjong Solitaire!

Championship Mahjong Solitaire Tips for Getting Started

  1. Choose your screen size in the Main Menu, including “Full Screen”
  2. From the New Game menu you can choose from several game variations, including 2-Player.
  3. Select Tile Graphics, Background and Music from presets or import your own.    
  4. Select Game Layout or create your own Game Layout.
  5. Open game Help by clicking the “?” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. Click “Hint” and the DreamCoach will suggest a matching tile pair. Watch out, though, every hint subtracts 100 points from your score!  

TIP 1:

Remove stacked tiles.

Stacked tiles prevent you from seeing all your options. Removing them first gives you the best view.

Mahjong Tip

Remove stacked tiles.


TIP 2:

Remove tiles at corners and ends of rows, and tiles that block more than one row.

Tiles at the ends of the rows block the eligibility of those in between. Eliminate them early to improve your chances.

Mahjong Tip 2

Remove corner tiles


TIP 3:

Survey the tiles and plan a strategy.

Obvious pair choices are not always the most advantageous. Careless choices can end the game too early if you run out of elgible pairs to remove. You are playing for best time, but take a moment to study the tiles to plan the best strategy.

Mahjong Tip 3

Plan a strategy


Now you’ve read some tips and tricks that will help improve your Mahjongg game, so pick up your copy of Championship Mahjong Solitaire and test your skills! Keep track of your game using the detailed statistics option. Once you’ve mastered Championship Mahjong Solitaire, the games have just begun! 

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