About Us

DreamQuest Games was founded in 2000 to create the most challenging and visually appealing computer games available. It is the first game developer to offer cross-platform games that users can play at their desk or while on the road.

Every DreamQuest game provides colorful and interesting characters as opponents, a DreamCoach that helps players master the game, and numerous practice options with multiple difficulties so anyone can learn to be a pro player.

DreamQuest’s Championship games series is highly regarded for design, challenging play, and enjoyment. The series has won numerous awards, a few of which are:

Each game offers playful characters across five levels of skill. Signature features also include game and scoring variations, practice options, an interactive introductory tutorial, and advanced statistics tracking. Custom skins even allow players to share favorite themes. DreamQuest Software’s games take full advantage of the latest technologies and show how much fun computer games can be.